Immigrants Vandalize Christian Symbols in Germany

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Immigrants Vandalize Christian Symbols in Germany

Post by Slappy » Mon May 07, 2018 5:32 pm

Immigrants Vandalize Christian Symbols in Germany
One reason that leftists have been facilitating the Islamic invasion of Europe is that they share common enemies with Muslims — for example, Christianity. Voice of Europe is a lonely voice in defense of civilization under siege:
Last year we’ve reported on how 200 churches and Christian symbols were damaged or destroyed in a year in just one German state.
This has not let up.
Recently police started investigating six cases of vandalism in churches in the town of Bamberg. The property damage totals more than 20,000 euros, investigators say. Figures and crosses in several churches have been destroyed or damaged.
It would be racist to object, because anti-Christian vandalism is an aspect of Germany’s multicultural enrichment.
In December last year, a Pakistani migrant tried to blow up a church in Mannheim.

Last week another Pakistani migrant was arrested for damaging a church in Chemnitz.
In addition,
People have been beaten for wearing a cross in migrant populated areas, threatened for being a Christian or murdered by a refugee for converting to Christianity.
Eradicating Christianity has been a primary goal of the Left going back to Karl Marx. Islamization will certainly promote this objective. Germany in the 2020s will look like Beirut in the 1980s as Christians are driven underground. Then, when they have the numbers, Muslim colonists and their offspring will turn on the cultural Marxists who imported them.

Pretty much count on it .

France and the former U.k. should be forced to surrender their nuclear weapons before they're under the command of some 3rd world savage sand niggers offspring.



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Re: Immigrants Vandalize Christian Symbols in Germany

Post by JohnB » Mon May 07, 2018 9:50 pm

Oh, my.

I am a meat popsicle.

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