It's becoming farcical: Trump's latest flip-flops

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It's becoming farcical: Trump's latest flip-flops

Post by jeanV » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:21 pm


Let's forget for a minute all the irrealistic promises Trump will never make good on:

- the great, big wall paid for by Mexico? Mock-ups, no budget. Hat, no cattle.
- the better, cheaper replacement to Obamacare? Never had a plan. Clueless.
- being fiscally responsible? tax cuts for the fat cats, bloated omnibus spending.

But now, he's bringing the flip-flop to an Art form.

- TPP? Campaigned against it, left the negotiations. Will now have to take the TPP as is.

- Syria? in his own words: Attack ‘Could Be Very Soon or Not So Soon’

It's becoming a joke.

Benedict Arnold Trump is a conceited idiot: Lock him up!!

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Re: It's becoming farcical: Trump's latest flip-flops

Post by Mikgof » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:53 pm ... rship.html

Is he serious? Even his most ardent supporters wouldn't buy that the TPP is a rape of America one day and then the next day a good thing for America. Besides which, would the other members of the TPP actually want America in while Trump, who says that all these trade deals screw America is in charge? Some at least would see it as a way of sabotaging the TPP from within. They'll surely wait until Trump is gone and they can be reasonably sure that anti-free trade is no longer on the agenda.
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