Trump's power from appropriation of Mike Tyson & rappers

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Trump's power from appropriation of Mike Tyson & rappers

Post by PistolPierre » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:59 pm

Trump is POTUS because he is a wigger racist cultural appropriator like Elvis says Charles Blow. ... eft-region

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Re: Trump's power from appropriation of Mike Tyson & rappers

Post by jeanV » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:31 am

PistolPierre wrote:
Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:59 pm
Trump is POTUS because he is a wigger racist cultural appropriator like Elvis says Charles Blow.
Charles Blow is a clown.

To put it more succintly:

Charles Blow blows.

(Just like Arfur)
Benedict Arnold Trump is a conceited idiot: Lock him up!!

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Re: Trump's power from appropriation of Mike Tyson & rappers

Post by LeJizzOfMatoub » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:22 am

Donald Trump, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, that's the holy trinity of rap music


Donald Trump freestyling with DJ Mass Appeal and Tony Yayo

"Donald Trump (Black Version)" by The Time (1990): "Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance / A 1990s love affair, the real romance"[9]
"I Gotta Say What Up" by Ice Cube (1990): "I gotta say what's up to Digital Underground and Humpty Hump / Cause he makin' more than Donald Trump, you know what I'm sayin', yo"[21]
"Skin Trade" by Nice (1990): "I'm not rich like Donald Trump"[1]
“Skypager" by A Tribe Called Quest (1991): "Beeper's goin off like Don Trump gets checks”[1]
"Money and the Power" by Scarface (1991): "Rolling hard, stackin paper like Trump"[2]
"Pocket Full of Stones" by UGK (1992): "Call me Black Trump"[2]
"Da Funk" by Redman (1992): "I'm back with the funk, chump / You want funk, how many lumps? / I got spunk / I'm well known like Donald Trump" [21]
"Smart Like Einstein" by Little Charlie and the Nightcats (1993): "I was smart like Einstein, rich like Donald Trump".[22]
"211" by Master P (1994): "Put more cash in my pockets than Donald Trump"[2]
"Incarcerated Scarfaces" by Raekwon (1995): "But yo, guess who's the black Trump?"[21]
"Protect Ya Neck II The Zoo" by Ol' Dirty Bastard (1995): "Warning you chump, brain is out for lunch/Given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump"[citation needed]
"Money Talks" by Double X Posse (1995): "A bank account so fat that Donald Trump would wanna be me"[1]
"Paid" by Kid Rock (1996): "I'd still be in the house getting paid like Trump"[1]
"Three Strikes You In" by Ice Cube (1998): "I'm just tryin' to get rich like Trump" [2]
"Mafioso" by Kool G Rap (1998): "Can't stop until I got a casa up in Trump plaza"[2]
"Trump Change" by E-40 (1998): "Trump change, I'm talking Donald Trump change / I'm talking Steve Wynn, I'm talking you know? E-Feezee"[2]
"Tru Master" by Pete Rock (1998): "In hot pursuit of Donald Trump rap loot"[2]
"Money Is My Bitch" by Nas (1999): "The best couple they seen since Trump and Marla Maples"[2]
"Speed Law" by Mos Def (1999): “Rocked the Trump Tower to the terrordome”[1]
"muzzle Toe" by Wu-Syndicate (1999): “It's reg or not, pockets love Trump Donald” [1]


Donald Trump and Kanye West

"Love on Haight Street" by BT with Rasco and Fifty Grand (2000): "Took me twelve months to stack money in lumps / Far from livin' foul but further from Don Trump"[23]
"Country Grammar (Hot Shit)" by Nelly (2000): "Let me in, now / Let me in now / Bill Gates, Donald Trump let me in now / Spin now, I got money to lend my friends now"[21]
"Bad Boyz" by Shyne (2000): "What type of nigga stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz)"[2]
"Can I Live" by Cypress Hill (2001): "We tryna get money so we can be livin' like Trump"[21]
"Hip Hop Quotables" by Ludacris (2003): "I buy cars with straight cash, have meetings with Donald Trump" [21]
"What More Can I Say" by Jay Z (2003): "I'm at the Trump International: ask for me I ain't never scared" [2]
"Playas Only" by R. Kelly (2005): "Bet she ain't never seen a penthouse at the Trump / Me and are been around the world and we'll give it to you just how you like it girl" Google Play. Retrieved February 16, 2017[24]
"Thug Motivation 101" by Jeezy (2005): "I'm Donald Trump in a white tee and white 1's"[2]
"Good Morning" by Cage (2005): "Donald Trump, shotgun pump, illegal store fronts"[citation needed]
"Shut Up Bitch" by Lil' Kim (2005): "I'm in the Trump International, 30 floors up (so high)"[2]
"It's Goin' Down" by Yung Joc (2006): "Boys in the hood call me black Donald Trump" [25]
"Jealousy" by Fat Joe (2006): "We fuckin with Donald Trump now" [2]
"Heavy Metal Kings" by Jedi Mind Tricks (2006): "I'm like Trump in The Apprentice, only fire at night!"[citation needed]
"The Format" by AZ (2006):"From Bed-Stuy to the East, I'm too at peace to lose it / But love it, I still does it, breathing off a Trump budget"[21]
"We Gon’ Make It" by Diddy (2006): "I spend absurd money, private bird money/That Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bloomberg money"[2][4]
"Free Radicals" by The Flaming Lips (2006): "You're turning into / A poor man's Donald Trump / I know those circumstances make you wanna jump"[citation needed]
"Midgets and Giants" by Sage Francis (2007): "Fuck an apprentice, I got more firepower than Donald Trump!"[citation needed]
"Mo Cars, Mo Hoes" by Fabolous (2008): "They know I'm hood rich, Donald Trump of the pumpers" [2]
"This is the Life" by Rick Ross (2008): "I'm in Trump Towers, amongst earners"[2]


Donald Trump and Lil Jon
"So Appalled" by Kanye West (2010): "Balding Donald Trump taking dollars from y'all"[21][27]
"Get It" by Big Sean and Pharrell (2010): "I'm tryna stuff em until I can't fit no more. I'm talking Donald Trump level"[2]
"Listen to My Drama" by Ivy Queen (2010): "Yo soy fina como Gucci, la heredera de Donald Trump / I am fine like Gucci, Donald Trump's heiress"[28]
"Donald Trump" by Mac Miller (2011)[4]
"Trump" by Young Jeezy (2011): "Call me Donald Trump / The type that count my money while I smoke a blunt"[29]
"Racks on Racks" by Lil Wayne (2011): "Get money like Donald Trump"[4]
"Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn (2012): "I'm looking like Madonna but I'm flossing like Ivanka Trump"[citation needed]
"I Need Dollas" by T.I. (2012): "Used to want dough like Jay-Z, but now I’m thinking Donald Trump"[4]
"Loco-Motive" by Nas (2012): "I started out broke, got rich, lost paper then made it back / Like Trump bein' up down up, play with cash"[21]
"Ball" by Lil Wayne and T.I. (2012): "I'ma fire my blunt like Donald Trump"[2]
"Google That" by Raekwon (2012): "Black Trump... with fat pockets" [2]
"Pirates" by Rick Ross (2012): "Resurrection of the real, time to get the richer than Trump" [2]
"I Wanna Be With You" by Nicki Minaj with DJ Khaled (2013): "At the Trump, and you bitches at the Radisson" [2]
"The Dangerous Three" by R.A. the Rugged Man (2013): "I'm the Don: Corleone, Cornelius, Trump, King"[citation needed]
"Karate Chop" by Shaquille O'Neal (2013): "You ain't got enough, better get a loan from Mr. Bill Gates / And Donald Trump and Carlos Slim"[21]
"Donald Trump Walk" by Jerry James (2013): "I'mma make them bottles pop / Donald Trump talk"[30]
"Off the Corner" by Meek Mill (2014): "Going Donald Trump numbers on the corner/I made a million on that corner"[2][4]
"Donald Trump" by Young Thug (2014): "Donald Trump, I made / Forbes list this month!"[2]
"What We Doing" by Fat Trel (2014): "What we countin'? (hundred thousands) / Where we at? (Trump Towers)" [31]

Donald Trump discussing about the future of Bad Boy Records with label owner Puff Daddy

Donald Trump's best friend rapper 50 Cent
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