"It's War!" - French Police Ambushed By Young Militants

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"It's War!" - French Police Ambushed By Young Militants

Post by Slappy » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:12 pm

"It's War!" - French Police Ambushed By Young Militants

French police were lured into confrontation with groups of youths who organized an ambush in Mulhouse, France, according to reports.

Officers responding to calls from concerned locals were confronted by "small hostile groups armed with iron bars and stones" shouting "It's war!" reports French outlet DNA.

Dumpsters were set alight and a car was destroyed during a melee that required reinforcements from neighboring police departments and air support by helicopter as up to 50 youths battled with gendarmerie, the militarized branch of law enforcement.

Tear gas and non-lethal bullets were employed during the skirmish in which some combatants are said to have thrown cobblestones and manhole covers from rooftops.

"This morning, there was nothing visible in the neighborhood of Drouot. Yet, the night was long and agitated," reports La Alsace.

There were no arrests made and no injuries reported.

Mass youth violence also unfolded in France last week, as an "ultra-violent brawl" involving roughly 50 people broke out in the Paris suburb of Garges-lès-Gonesse shortly after a shooting in the neighborhood sent two teenagers to hospital.

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